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Trekking in the Himlayas







From time immemorial man has worshipped the great peaks of the Himalaya, believing they were the home of their gods. Amongst these peaks the great religions of Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism flourished.
This great range has always been the meeting point, and the melting pot, of countless religions and cultures, though even today, small enclaves of tradition remain totally undisturbed.  Stretching from Pakistan to Burma, the Himalaya contains thousands of peaks over 6000m and the world's fourteen highest peaks.
In Pakistan the peaks and glaciers clustered round K2 form the wildest and most heavily glaciated region of the Himalaya. The hardy valley communities have their cultural origions linked with  Ladakh is a fascinating cultural mix of Islam, Hinduism and trans-Himalayan Buddism. It is one of the most beautiful and rewarding regions of the Himalaya.
The high alpine forests and trans-Himalayan deserts of the western arm of the range contrast sharply with the lush, sub-tropical forests of the eastern ranges.Here the great peaks soar from the hot plains, and here Sikkim and Bhutan have been isolated for centuries. Within the deep, mysterious valleys, cultures and religions flourished that only recently have been revealed to the world, while the forests support a variety of wildlife unparalleled elsewhere in the Himalaya. The worlds' youngest and highest mountains nourish some of the world's oldest taditions and continue to be an exciting frontier for adventure travel!

Kashmir Suru Valley Trek

This short and comparatively easy trek amongst the peaks and lakes of the Kolahoi Range is an exciting introduction to the splendours of Kashmir (you are strongly remommended to combine the trek with our Kahsmir Houseboats)Leaving the fascinating waterways of Srinagar behind we drive south east to Pahalgam. Here we meet out ponymen and load up our equipments. Our trek starts through the beautiful pine forests of the Lidder Valley and climbs gradually to the Glacier. Along the way we meet nomadic Gujar shepherds and inevitable we are invited to share some tea with them. These pround people they are great companions and happily walk with us as we approach Kolahoi Peak.  We spend a day exploring near Tarsar Lake before crossing the Sammous pass and retuming to Sringar.
DAY 01 Delhi- Srinagar 
Meet and Transfer from Airport to Houseboat. Overnight At Houseboat. 
Day 02: Srinagar
Full Day Sightseeing tour of Srinagar city. Overnight at the houseboat. 
Day 03: Srinagar/Lehinvan 
Drive to Lehinvan and commence Trekking till 
Day 13 and return to Srinagar. 
Day 14 Srinagar/Delhi  Departure Transfer to Airport for flight to Delhi.
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Lakes & Mountains Trek

In all the Himalaya, Kashmir provides the most impressive alpine scenery. Broad green valleys, stark strong mountains and beautiful, clear ice-cold lakes. Colourful alpine flowers decorate the meadows, and the forests are painted in hues of red and gold.
Our trek takes us to the dramatic peak of Kolahoi (5741m). Then we trek to the Zajibal pass, having passed the lakes of Vishensar, Krishansar and Gadsar. Inevitably We spend many hours walking with happy shepherd folk. We are good company for each other. Finally passing below Harmukh (5452m) we leave this beautiful alpine wilderness for a few lazy days aboard our houseboats!

Day 01 Delhi/ Srinagar 
Meet and Transfer from airport to the Houseboat. Overnight at the houseboat. 
Day 02 Srinagar 
Full Day Sightseeing of Srinagar city. Overnight at the houseboat. 
Day 03 Srinagar/Lidderwatt 
Drive to Lidderwatt from Srinagar. trekking commence till Day 16 and return to Srinagar 
Day 17 Srinagar/Delhi 
Departure Transfer to the Airport for Flight to Delhi. Back to the top

Markha Valley Trek

Beautiful Valley Kashmir. A valley of lakes and  Camals These houseboat communities are something unique in the world.
On the slopes of the peaks are great forests and rich pastures, alive with flowers in the summer months, on which the Gurjar shepherds graze their flocks. Tumbling glaciers and soaring peaks complete the splendid scene.
In startling contrast, Ladakh, or Little Tibet, is an awesome moonscape! This arid, mountainous desert watered by only a few rivers is the home of the Ladakis of Buddist faith.
Flat-roofed monasteries perch dramatically on great crags, dominating the landscape and lives of the people. Two totally different worlds offer an exciting insight into this vividly contrasted region.
Day 01: Delhi/ Leh 
Meet and Transfer to the Hotel. Overnight in the hotel. 
Day 02: Leh/ Spittock 
Spittockand Trekking commences till Day 11. Return to Leh. Overnight at the hotel. 
Day 12: Leh 
Full day sightseeing tour of Leh. Overnight at the Hotel. 
Day 13: Leh/ Delhi 
Departure Transfer to the airport for flight to delhi.  Back to the top

Vale of Kashmir & Little Tibet

Day 1 : Delhi/Srinagar 
Meet and transfer to the Houseboat. Overnight at the Houseboat. 
Day 2 : Srinagar 
Full day sightseeing tour of Srinagar city. Overnight at the Houseboat. 
Day 3 : Srinagar/Lidderwatt 
Drive to Lidderwatt from Srinagar. Trekking commences Till Day 9 and Return to Srinagar. Overnight at the Houseboat. 
Day 10 : Srinagar/Leh 
Our flight takes us from the lush,green valley of kashmir, over the snow- capped peaks of the Himalayas, to the Dramatic Landscape of Ladakh. on Arrival in Ladakh check in hotel. Overnight at the hotel. 
Day 11 : Leh 
We Spend Next few days exploring the area. Visit to Leh palace to have spectacular views of Zanskar ranges and The Monastaries. Overnight at the hotel. 
Day 12 Leh/Kargil 
Drive to Kargil enroute visiting Lama your monastary and pass through Fatu La & Namika la pass. Overnight at the Hotel.
Day 13 Kargil/Srinagar 
Drive to Srinagar enroute passing through Zoji la pass. Arrive at the Houseboats by the afternoon. Overnight at the houseboat. 
Day 14 Srinagar 
Day Free in Srinagar. Overnight at the Houseboat. 
Day 15 Srinagar/Delhi 
Departure Transfer to the Airport for Flight to Delhi. Back to the top

Nubra Valley Trek

Day 1 Delhi/Leh 
Meet and transfer to the hotel overnight in hotel 
Day 2 Leh/Sabu Village 
Drive to Sabu Village from Leh. Trekking commences till Day 9 and ruturn to Leh. Overnight in Hotel. 
Day 10 Leh 
Full Day sightseeing tour visiting monastries. overnight in Hotel. 
Day 11 Leh/Delhi Departure Transfer to the airport for flight to Delhi.  Back to the top

Manali Zanskar Trek

We are guarded by high passes, deep gorges and craggystone forts, Zanskar has managed to keep alive an ancient and prosperous way of life with little connection with the outside world over the centuries.
Even the famous trans-Himalayan caravans did not pass through Zanskar. Even now, very few visit the area and consequently our trek experiences are even more rewarding than normal.
We fly to Leh and spend a few days gently exploring the great monasteries of the Indus Valley. Crossing high passes (4-500m) we skirt the main Himalayan Range and enter Zanskar.
Monasteries and forts guard the valley and we now meet Moslem groups as well as Buddhists Zanskaris. Zanskar is completely unique.
Day 1 : Delhi/ Manali 
Meet and transfer to Leh Hotel. Overnight at the hotel. 
Day 2 : Manali/Darcha 
Drive to Darcha, Trek CommencesTill Day 12 
Day 13 Padam 
Arrive palam.Overnight in the Camp. 
Day 14 : Padam/Rangdum 
Drive to Kargil. Overnight in Hotel. 
Day 15 : Rangdum/Kargil                                                                                Drive to Kargil. Overnight at the Hotel. 
Day 16 Kargil/Leh 
Drive to Leh. Overnight at the hotel. 
Day 17 : Leh 
Full Day Tour of Monastries. Overnight at Hotel. 
Day 18 Leh/Delhi 
Departure Transfer to the Airport for Flight to Delhi

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