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A trek in Nepal is a special and rewarding mountain holiday. Nepal offers some of the most spectacular and beautiful scenery in the world. Little wonder that this country has captured the imagination of mountaineers and explorers for over a hundred years. Though trekking is not mountaineering, but just days of walking, some of the popular trekking trails are used by mountaineering expeditions in their approach to challenging climbs. This country has a monopoly on the world's highest peaks. Eight of the ten highest peaks on earth, all them above 8000 meters, are found in Nepal. All the popular trekking trails bring you close to these famed mountains. At times you are brought so close to these majestic peaks that they just seem an arm's length away, towering over you. While trekking you will absorb the great diversity of Nepal. Nowhere else in the Himalayas will you find the topographical , cultural and religious diversity which exists in here. The terrain changes from tropical jungle to high glacial peaks in only 150 kilometers (about 100 miles). Moreover, trekking is the only way to know and understand the 40 different ethnic communities of Nepal who zealously guard their colorful rituals and mystic festivities, and who worship the mountains as their guardian deities. As the landscape changes, the people change as does the flora and fauna. While trekking in this land of manifold attractions, each step provides new and intriguing viewpoints. Himalayan Glacier Trekking will see to it that you don't miss any of the thrills offered by Nepal.Dense jungles, wild rivers, exotic cultures and great snow peaks stretching for the sky,are the exciting ingredients that made up this country of unparalleled variety. Over 300 of the world's highest peaks are found among this stunning concentration of ice and snow, including Mount Everest, Known by the Nepalese as Sagamartha Goddess Mother of the World! This glorious combination of peaks and people has attracted many trekkers and a few well known trails are now heavily trekked. Peregrine's routes avoid these trails to take you into wilder, even more magnificent regions that we have discovered and enjoyed. In the high and wild Everest region, we walk with our Sherpas into remote valleys, crossing high passes and glaciers, spending time in beautiful monasteries and enjoying tea with yak herders. Surrounding us are hundreds of peaks over 650m, including the famous-Everest, Makalu, Cho Oyu, Lhotse, Ama Dablan. The enormous peaks of the Annapurnas soar from the subtropics. Lower flanks densely forested with rhododendron, decorated with the little orange houses of the colourful Gurung and Magar tribes people,all topped with a white crown of ice and snow. On the northern slopes, tribes of Tibetan origin add another ingredient to this region of incredible contrast. Similarly the spectacular massifs of Manaslu, Ganesh and Langtang are born from the lover altitudes and offer intoxicating trekking. Seldom- visited villages and unspoilt forests all combine to make these areas some of the most rewarding of all. One of the world's great trekking paradises: after your first visit you wil realise that for Nepal once is not enough!

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 Another new route for peregrine, this trek avoids the heavily trekked trails to the west and skirts under the dramatic pyramid peak of Machapuchare (6993m)  We  concentrate on the dilightful Gurung and Brahmin villages in particular Siklis home of many a Gukha soldier enjoying the hauntingly beautiful rhodoendron, oak and bamboo forests, all backdropped by the towering Annapurna Ranges barely 20 kms away. The Annapurnas are famous for their sunsets and our compatriot are carefully chosen to watch this nightly spectacular. This is an excellent introduction to trekking. guaranteed to whet the appetite!  

Day 1 Kathmandu/Pokhara: Flight From Kathmandu to Pokhara. on Arrival Check in hotel.    
Day 2 Pokhara/ Dhampur: Drive to Dhampur. Trekking Commence till.   
Day 11 and Return to Pokhara.    
Day 12 Pokhara/ Kathmandu: Fly Back to Kahmandu.   Back to the Top

21 DAYS AROUND ANNAPURNA The is one of the classic treks in Nepal It exhibits such incredible variety in environment and tribes that few other areas can compete. The trek follows the Marsyangdi river  rthrough rice paddies and Brahmin villages and between  the soaring peaks of Lamjung (6986m) and Maanaslu (8165m) to the high Manang Valley, (3535m) this valley behind the Annapurnas (7937m) is dry and sparsely settled by Mangis, of Tibetan stock. Their houses, monasteries and prayer flags are constant reminders of this. We cross the Thoung La demanding but rewarding!) Dhaulagire (8167m) is awesome, the Annapurnas incredible, while below is the Kali Gandaki, the world's deepest river gorge  
Meeting pilgrims and traders we pass between the toes of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri to complete this magnificent walk.  

Day 1 Kathmandu/ Dumre : Drive to Dunche from Kathmandu to Dumre. Trekking Commence tillday 20. Return to Pokhara.   
Day 21 Pokhara/Kathmandu: Flt to Kathmandu.    Back to the Top   


Our new route towards the peaks of Langtang and Lonpo Gang (7083m), north of Kathmandu, takes us into one of Nepal's most rewarding trekking areas.  
Westart in the hot, Subtropical lowlands, passing through friendly Tamang Villages, climbing through extensive forests to the high ridges and the beautiful pilgrim lades of panch Pokhari (4270m) Above the lakes is one of Nepal's most spectacular vantage points: Ganesh (7146m) Langtang Dorje Lapka Gaurui Shankar (7146m), Everest (8848m) and beyond! Hundreds of peaks stretching for hundreds of miles! On the high stop, Himalayan thar graze warily sharing their pastures with yaks herded by tough smiling sherpas.                                                                                                                                           ITINERARIESDay 1 Kathmandu/ Dunche: Drive to Dunche From Kathmandu. Trekking Commence Till Day 18 and returen  back to Mellenche pool.   
Day 19 Mellenchepool/Kathmandu: Drive Back to Kathmandu.   Back to the Top



  This is a remote and exciting route to Chamlang (7310m) Base Camp.  
We fly to Lukla and trek over th Satu La o the deep gorge of the inukhu Khola. from  here are incredible views of Nau Lakh Mera Peak back dropped by  Chamlang and Makalu we trek via the Dudh pokhari Lakes below Mera, looking back at the peaks of Kusum Kangru and Khola north of Chamlang. From our base we climb high towards Ama Dablan and Baruntse and their tumbling ice falls. Few ever visit here and rumours of the Yeti are persistent among the Yak herdes!  We return over the Mea La (5352m) enjoying unbelievable views of Makalu, Everest (8848m) and Chamlang. Wild and wonderful trekking.   ITINERARIESDay 1 Kathmandu/Jiri: Drive to Jiri from Kathmandu and Trekking commence till day 20 and back to Lukla.                                                                               Back to the Top


This is a magnificent introduction to all that is Nepal-Mountains, rivers and jungles -in pleasant, easy stages,.  
Trekking below the peaks of Machapuchare (6993m) and Lamjung (6993m) we meet Gurungs and Brahmins in their tidy and colourful villages, and pass through rhododendron forests alive with birds. The trek is rewarding and the rafting is exciting! Apprehension is replaced by exhilaration-and National Park might almost seem an anti cliamx but an edgy rhinoceros will change that impression and sighting a tiger should give you something to talk about at the bar in the jungle lodge that evening! This  Kaliedoscope of Nepal, not surprisngly, is one of our most popular adventures.             

 ITINERARIESDay 1 Arrive Kathmandu.   
Day 2 kathmandu: Full Day sitghtseeing   
Day 3 Kathmandu/Pokhara: Drive to Pokhra and trekking commence till day 11.   
Day 11 Drive to Trishuli river camp. Rafting till Day 14.   
Day 14 Drive to Royal National Chitwan Park. Safari Till    
Day 17
Day 18 Day at Leisure   
Day 19 Kathmandu: Fly to Destination         

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