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Ethnic Village Tour Orissa


Orissa is one of the States in India, which can boast of a vast tribal population belonging to diverse races and culture. It has the second largest concentration of Tribals and constitutes an impressive 23 percent of the total population of the state. In the last few decades the veil has been ripped of the Tribal heart and of Orissa.

Ethnic curio seekers, Anthropologists, Sociologists and Missionaries-they have all from time to time tried to penetrate the mystery surrounding the tribes of Orissa.

Of these Tribes, the most numerous are the Kondh, the Paraja, the Gadabas, Koya and the famous Bonda tribes. Each of these tribes is marked for its own culture.

Tour to hill Tribes with Car/Coach and guide can be extremely interesting. The scenery is magnificent, the villages and hamlets are fascinating. The tribes are quite friendly. It is very interesting to watch different colorful weekly markets. Tour to the tribe can be organised with proper planning.


Best time Oct. To March (Tour can be organised in April, but temperature will be more)

Tour can be organised from 4 days to 10 days or more as required by the tourist. We always recommend minimum 5 days, as has to cover long distance during the tour, One Govt. approved guide for the whole trip.

The general Entry/Exit point will be Bhubaneswar, Vizag will be the alternative point. Bhubaneswar/Vizag can be the Entry/Exit point.

We can organise both Hotel/Village stay and both combined, depending upon the programme. Village stay can only be organised with less tourists. Hotels in the Tribal areas are small nice, clean and attached bath. Toilets are mixed Indian and European Style.

It is always advisable to reduce the strength in case of group. We recommend 10 maximum for smooth and nice visit.

Car/Jeep will be quicker and comfortable for the trip. Most of the Hotels provide good food with different style. We also carry with us foodstuff linen and other necessary materials with us.

As this is a special interest tour guest should be flexible and the guide has liberty to change the program with best and suitable alternatives. Photography is not allowed in Bonda Market. Rest guide will help you in taking photographs.

DA old tribal ladyAY-1

Arrive: Vizag Ex-Madras/Hyderabad. Transfer to Hotel at Jeypore 240 KMs. Visit some roadside tribal villages.

Overnight at Hotel.


(This must be Sunday/Thursday)

After early breakfast proceed to Khairput to visit the most interesting Bonda Tribes, who comes once in week for their weekly market It is an unique opportunity to see such a colorful concentration. The Bonda women with colourful jewelleries and marketing commodities come from the hill on interesting sight to be watched.

After visiting Bonda Tribes. Proceed to Jeypore enroute Lamtaput where you can watch the Gadaba Tribes. (Overnight at the Hotel.)


After breakfast drive down to visit Paraja Tribes. The Parajas are otherwise called Paroja or Parja and inhabit Koraput district. The name Paraja appears to be derived from the Sanskrit term Parja, a subject. Their tradition traces their original home to Bastar. In Koraput they live with Gadaba, Paik, Mali. The Parajas have a number of totemistic septs as Bagh (Tiger), Kachhim (Tortoise), Bokda (Boat) etc. Killing, harming or eating the totem animal is forbidden and they have certain rites to show respect t their clan totems.

Also visit Nandia Paraja a typical Paraja family that can only be seen in an around Laxmipur.

Later proceed to Rayagada. Check-in to Hotel.


After breakfast proceed to Baliguda 170 KMs. the center of Kutia Kandh/Pahadia Kondh.the Kondh’s were once famous in the history for their Human Sacrifice. The Kondhs are very simple frank and naive. They are very hospitable. Their height is of average standard. They are healthy, strong & stout, in spite of their poverty and lack of nourishing food & adequate clothing. They are jolly and do not think for future. Visit their hamlets handicrafts etc and some of their villages.

Check-in hotel. Overnight.


Depart after breakfast to Bhubaneswar, the Capital of the State Orissa. On the way visit some typical Orissa villages. Picnic lunch enroute. Arrive in the evening at Bhubaneswar.

We can extend/reduce the Programme as per the requirement of the clients


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