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Travel Agents in Jaipur, Tour operators in Jaipur, Jaipur Travel Guide, Jaipur travel information, Hotels in Jaipur
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Art & Crafts in Jaipur

    The Pinkcity has a plethora of vivid and rich art and crafts. The long-lived culture and traditions imparted sharp creative sense, artistic skills and inspiration to the local lads to innovate diverse art forms in different media be it stone, clay, leather, wood, ivory, lac, glass, brass, silver, gold and textiles.

Art flourished in the land of Rajasthan as far back as 2nd-lst centuries BC. History reveals that the Raja Maharajas and their nobles were patrons of art. Each period saw its own contribution to the thriving art scene. The Rajput rulers encouraged the artisans to set up schools for the propagation of their crafts. Marble carving, weaving, pottery painting were the major professions of those days. These skills are carried on generation after generation.

The rich art and crafts survived with the swift moving time and are no less than a treasure today. Jaipur has a distinct recognition for a variety of art forms across the globe. The chief among them are:

Lac Work: The lac bangles of Jaipur are a special attraction and are famous across the globe. Lac Bangles are made in bright colours inlaid with small shiny pieces of mirror. A pair of lac bangles can cost you Rs.5 to Rs. 2000...

Meenakari: Jaipur meenakari is famous all over for its delicacy and elegance. It was the praiseworthy effort of Raja Man Singh of Amer who brought this intricate craft to Jaipur by inviting five skilled enamel workers from Lahore...

Metal Work: Metal ware is also a cherished art and craft of Jaipur. Brass is mainly used to create magnificent object d'art like Glasses, surahis, statues, trays, lamp shades, cigarette case, visiting card holders, hukkas, mirror with brass frame...

Marble Work: Rajasthan is a major producer of marble. Statues on religious themes are carved all over Rajasthan. It is strange how the skilled efforts of the craftsman can reveal intricate details, folds and expressions of personalities in marble sculptures...

Miniature Paintings: Jaipur's miniature paintings can add a touch of class to your home or office interiors. The miniature painting is perhaps the most fascinating and distinguished art form. Hills, valleys, deserts, palaces and forts, gardens, court scenes...

Leather Work: Leather work is another speciality of Pinkcity. Jutis, purses, pouches, belts, bags, caps etc are common outputs of this craft. Jaipur's jutis are an all time favourite...

Gems Stones: Jaipur is a world known centre for gem 'n' jewellery. The jewellers excel in stone setting, diamond polishing and enamelling of gold. Jaipur has rich deposits of precious...

Carpets & Durries: Jaipur is a prominent centre for carpet weaving. The carpet designs are influenced by Mughal Persian and Caucasian style. Hand woven carpets in bright colours are an excellent choice in floor covering...

Ivory Work: Elephant is the royal animal of state. Artistic innovations with use of elephant ivory is an old art form of Jaipur. The colourless, firm ivory is transformed to super fine crafts...

Wood Work: Boxes, statues, show pieces, key chains, decoratives, lamp shades made of wood and sandalwood are also special artifacts of Jaipur. Wood is carved to give it intricate and fine designs...

Jaipur Jewellery: The craftsmanship of jewellers of Jaipur is renowned all over the world. Jaipur is famous for its rich jewellery in old silver, gold, lac, precious and semi precious stones, each area having its own unique style...

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