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Kuldhara Jaisalmer

   Kuldhara is located about 18 km to the west of Jaialmer.Kuldhara  is among those 84 villages which were vacated by the paliwal society in one night, 175 years ago.This village was established by Kuldhar sub-caste of Paliwal Brahmins in the year 1291 A.D. It was once a prosperous village of 600 houses and having a population of more than 2000.The Paliwals had deserted their original homes in Pali and Marwar for repentence so that the souls of the dead could rest in peace.

Due to their hard work,the Paliwal Brahmins attained prosperity in a short time.They were renowned for their hospitality and generosity. These people, with their hard work and intelligence made karen [small dams] near small hills. They developed farming and filled jaisalmer with grains and water. They used to do animal rearing, business and banker work. They made a lot of donations to charity and built dharamsalas (religious inns) and mansions.

They were looted several times. One of their daughters were also kidnapped. But the king did not respond to their complaints. Due to this, all  paliwal became annoyed and in the year 1825 A.D. after 535 years of their stay in the village they abandoned it once again to move to other parts of the country leaving all their property in the village. They never returned.

In some villages  their houses are occupied by other villagers while some are still vacant.    Kuldhara a ruin of many houses is a deserted and quiet place. In the desert, these ruins are an example of advanced sculpture and architecture. Houses are in a line and are all similar. Roads are broad and are all at right angles to each other. Houses are not affected by thunder or heat. Sand-dunes can never form on these houses. Most of the houses were double storied. On the windows, balconies and pillars fine figures are carved. Their wealth can be seen in the wells, water tanks, temples and cenotaphs of the village. Many movies have been shooted here.

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