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Tazia Tower Jaisalmer

      The delicate pagoda like Tazia Tower rises from Badal Mahal (Cloud Palace). Rising in its five tiered splendour, with each storey graced by a delicately carved balcony, the tower is of historical significace. Muslim craftsmen built it in the shape of a Tazia and gifted it to their royal patron.

Adjoining to Amarsagar gate is an excellent building constructed by Bhati kings with many temples in it is known as Mandir Palace.It was built during the period of Maharawal Moolraj II.The most important palaces in this complex are Badal vilas,Jawahar Vilas,Dari Khana and Zenana Mahal.Delicate pagoda like Tazia Tower rises from Badal Mahal.Tazias are ornately decorated bamboo,paper and tinsel replicas of a bier carried in procession through the streets during the Muslim festivals of mourning,known asMohurram.  Badal Vilas which is also known as Tazia Tower, was built in 1886 A.D. by Muslim Silawata craftmen in the shape of a Tazia for gifting it to their royal patron Maharawal Berisal Singh.It is five storey high.The balcony of each storey is beautifully carved which is the symbol of Muslim culture.The Mandir Palace presents the latest intricate carving in Jaisalmer.Near to Badal Vilas is Jawahar Vilas constructed by Maharawal Jawahar Singh in between 1935-40 A.D.This is the last Royal palace constructed by the kings of Jaisalmer.This palace is built with modern facilities which indicates the British influence with floor made of colourful tiles.On the outer walls of palace are minute figures engraved.On the stones of Jawahar Vilas the state symbol of Jaisalmer is also engraved.  For the queens to live in the palace, the 'Rani Niwas' or 'Zenana Mahal' is constructed which is decorated with various colourful figure paintings.The present Maharawal of Jaisalmer HH Brijrajsingh lives in these palaces


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