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64 Yoginis ( Female Nymphs)  Khajuraho

'Chaunsath' meaning 64 numbers of Yoginis (female nymphs) who attend on the fierce goddess Kali to whom this temple is dedicated to is the oldest temple at Khajuraho. This is the only shrine at Khajuraho that is built entirely of granite and the orientation of the axis of the temple is north-west southwest instead of the usual east-west.

The temple stands on a masonary terrace 5 m (18 ft.) high and is oblong is shape. The temple is in the form of a courtyard 31.3 m (103 ft.) by 18.2 m (60 ft.) surrounded by 64 smaller cells and one bigger cell, all forming tiny shrines. They are roofed and surrounded by one small spire each, the lower parts of which are adorned with triangular ornaments.

At one time all 64 cells must have had an idol of a Yogini each and the biggest cell at the central position must have had an image of goddess Kali. But now there is no image of Kali in it and only 35 cells have survived. Out of these only three have the Yogini idols in them the rest are vacant. These three Yogini images now available are not in their original position.

The image of Mahishasuramardini is now in the largest cell whereas the two cells on either side, house the three headed Brahmani and Mahesvari whose names are inscribed on the pedestal.






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