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Southern Group Temple Khajuraho

There are only two temples in this group. The first one Duladeo temple, is a major attraction of Khajuraho while the second, the Chaturbhuja temple is small and about 2 kms from the first. The Duladeo temple was built on the traditional 5-part design. It looks flatter and more massive than the typical Khajuraho shrines. It appears to be of a later period when Khajuraho temple art had passed its peak. The sculptures are now wooden and stereotyped. The decorations are still very graceful - particularly the bracket capitals inside and the flying wizards on the highest carved band outside. The Chaturbhuja temple has an attractive collonnaded entrance. This ruined temple has a very fine and large image of Vishnu - three metres high. The present day village of Khajuraho is a cluster of hotels, restaurants, shops and stalls around the bus station. Even the airport is at a walkiing distance. The western temple complex is also in this area and the other temples are not far away and easily accessible. Khajuraho is a nice place to linger on and have an interesting time. Small statues of gods and charming couples can also be purchased from the stalls at unbelievably low prices

Dulah Deo Temple

The last temple of Khahuraho called the Dulhadeo lies south of the Ghantai temple. This finest temple at Khajuraho also called Kunwar Math offers some of the choicest sculptures especially the Shalbhanjika. It is a fully developed temple measuring 21 m by 12 m (69 ft. by 40 ft.) with the ardhamanadap, the mandapa, the maha mandapa, the antarala and the garbha griha with no circumambulatory passage. The ceiling of the maha mandap is a series of diminishing circles of overlapping stones. There is an image of Shiva on the lintel of the entrance to the garbh griha indicating that the temple was originally dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The sanctum today enshrines a shivlingam. The superstructure is in the traditional style, with several subsidiary shikhars clustering around the central shikhara. In this temple also, apart from the othr various sculptures inside the temple, the outer walls of the temple are decorated with three bands f sculptres. "The masters of Dulhadeo temple worked on a high level of inspiration", remarks Stella Kramrisch. "Indeed, whether oe examines the 'superb grace and elegance' of the Shalbhanjika-bracket capitals of the mahamandap, or the glory of the breathing bodies of apsaras on the pilasters of the ardhamandapa or again the squat forms of the living four armed ganas which provide the contrasting elements the ugly against the lovely-the masterly touch is ever apparent.

The outside ornamentation is equally rich. Specially noteworthy are the vidyadhar which occupy the highest of the three bands of sculptures. The images of these wizards are carved flying singly and flying in pairs with their consorts. They carry weapons and garlands, brandish swords, play on musical instruments, carry dance in their hands, flight in their legs, and sentiment of detachment on their faces. Their form is of the purest medieval cast, on the high level of serenity". A few extra ordinary erotic couples(mathunas), including one or two of the most embarrassing variety, provide that essential ingredient present in Khajuraho's greater temples tha putting stamp of excellence on this temple.

Chaturbhuja Temple Khajuraho


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Chaturbhuja Temple Khajuraho
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